Carlos Osorio is an award-winning Salvadoran Canadian photographer with more than 13 years of professional experience with the Toronto Star, the largest circulation newspaper in Canada. 

His work has taken him from Mexico and then to Vancouver, reporting on the journey of illicit drugs up the west coast, and then later to Massachusetts, where he documented the devastating impact the opioid crisis is having on the middle class. 

In 2014, Carlos reported on children trying to escape gang violence in El Salvador, who went on a perilous journey to the United States, only to be sent right back to the nightmare they had tried to escape. 

In Toronto, his work has explored the challenges of living with physical disabilities, intimately shown how a lack of funding for social housing has burdened those who call it home and sensitively showcased perspectives from the LGBTQ community on surviving and thriving in a big city. 

In 2016 he spent a year covering the resettlement of Syrian refugees in Toronto and the challenges they faced in their new home. 

Osorio also has vast experience in fast-paced environments shooting sports and breaking news. 

Carlos was a finalist in the portrait category for the 2017 National Photos of the Year and is a two time nominee for the National Newspaper Awards, for his feature work and news photography.



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